Security as a Service - ATP (Advanced Threat Protection)

CaaS (Compliance as a Service) provides the solution that is easy to compliance (PCI-DSS, GDPR, etc). HaaS (Hardening as a Service) brings security best-practice by default. AaaS (Attestation as a Service) enable the client’s production in full-spectrum mode by both remote and local attestation via TPMv2.0/TXT/SGX and vTPM implementations.

Hardened Linux (Ubuntu 22.04) for arm64

$0.021 /hour

Beyond compliance

  • CIS/STIG for compliance
  • VED (Linux kernel threat mitigation)
  • AppArmor for mandatory access control
  • AIDE for file integrity protection
  • etc
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Attestation server

$?? /hour

EVM (Ephemeral Virtual Machine)

  • All features of Beyond compliance
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Need a larger plan?

If you plan to deploy our SaaS solution or you need to do the security provionsing (chipset security features, CBnT, TPM/FDE, SGX, TDX/SEV, etc) for the hardware, feel free to ping us. We provide full-stack solution for platform and infrastrcuture security, including GNU/Linux server security, Linux kernel hardening, firmware security, trusted/confidential computing, cryptography engineering and supply chain security of OEM.

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