Welcome to HardenedVault

HardenedVault is a security firm to provide full-stack open source infrastructure security from hardware, firmware, Linux kernel and secure communication protocol. HardenedVault provides the building blocks for the customer to build their own Cyber Bunker by utilizing 0day/Nday exploit defense techniques, trusted/confidential computing with next-gen firmware security and cryptography. From the boot process of each node (machine), the root of trust anchored in multiple hardware components, then the chains of trust extending from firmware, operating systems to application. The crucial parts of each component follow compliance/regulation while are still able to defend against the known and unknown vulnerability and exploit vectors by integrating the modern mitigation and access control. In addition, the communication between each nodes must guarantees the confidentiality and integrity but it’s not enough from advanced threat protection’s perspective. HardenedVault also provides the secure communication protocol with metadata protection (to protect machine’s privacy) and deniability to help the customer to build their own decentralized data center/cloud.

Both enterprise and individual users should have control over their data, and we provide the cornerstones of platform security resiliency and transparency that open source brings to achieve this goal.

Shawn Chang

Shawn Chang

Founder of HardenedVault.

Who we are?

We’re a team of old-school hackers, cypherpunks, and stubborn engineers who have spent decades tweaking around interesting things in their respective fields until 2021 when we felt we could do more for the industry, so here we are now.

Our mission

Thanks for visiting the our website. If you’re still reading, it’s likely that you’re a person who is not happy about the current situation of the security industry. Our vision is simple: to help users build their own Cyber Bunker at the infrastructure level. Achieving this goal requires high performance, security and transparency (open source) that takes into account the industry compliance, as well as decentralization (it’s federated protocol actually) in communications. If you share our philosophical idea, please work with us to make it.