What’s the technical stack of Next-Gen Data Center looks like?

The trinity of Next-gen data center: High performance, High security with advanced threat protection and Transparency (open source).

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Work out the threat model

Who’s your adversary? Script kiddies or well-funded APT groups or nominal APT group w/o certain skills? Do you need protection from hardware/firmware level? Well, there are dozen of topics we will discuss you.


Hardware and firmware adoption

Choose the hardware base on the requirement. If you choose hardware that does not have off-the-shelf firmware or missing components, we will develop it for you, and it’s up to you to decide whether it is open source in the future.


Hardware supply chain

We are not responsible for hardware manufacturing, but we can help if users have any issue about server hardware assembly and production. We can also provide effective solutions to protect the entire supply chain.


Final stage: security provisioning

We’ll develop a security provisioning program for your data center, and in some cases the partial provisioning will need to be done in the factory, and even then the data center will have some work to do. Once the security provisioning is done, you’re getting the physical nodes with advanced threat protection that you can immediately put into deployment.