VaultBoot: Trusted computing

VaultBoot is a firmware security payload for security enablement of hardware features, e.g: remote attestation, FDE, etc.

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VaultBoot: Trusted computing

VaultBoot is an all-in-one trusted computing solution

VaultBoot is offering multiple profiles for both public cloud and on-premise.

Public cloud version

Attestation server and compute node

  • Attestation server
  • Easy to deploy at scale in Devops environment
  • Security hardening by default
  • Off-the-shelf hardware provdied by CSP

On-premise version

Enhanced security features

  • Server running with open source firmwares, e.g: coreboot, openbmc, etc
  • Provisioning with gold OS image via OpenBMC for AI infrastructure
  • Control the data in your own data center
  • DRTM is feasible for x86_64 and arm64
  • More advanced threat protection technology can be involved
  • Hardware/firmware supply chain security assessment