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HardenedVault's main purpose is to deliver a strengthened infrastructure security solution under zero trust model where the root of trust (the most fundamental building block of security) is fully hardened from hardware, firmware to OS kernel. With a secure communication protocol can be used to extend the trust from the root to all services running in the cloud or elsewhere. To those who can't trust a public cloud and willing to build their own secure data infrastructure.


System security and cryptography are closely related and interdependent, like the fortress and moat, the lips and teeth, or, like Liquid Snake and Solid Snake. HardenedVault security provides holistic security for servers and cloud infrastructure, and is built on the best practices of hardening, compartmentalization, and continuous awareness.


Independent hardening of chipsets, bootloaders, kernel, and firmware

System transparency and trustworthy

Include a holistic audit to stay alert and local/remote attestation


Can be set up using a decentralized federative protocol for communication


Vault111, VaultOS and vault1317.

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Parallax Features

Core technik blocks

Our way to build cyber bunker.

Linux kernel hardening

Modern mitigation VED (Vault Exploit Defense) or PaX/GRsecurity based on customer's request

Firmware security

Hardened boot, chain of trust, Neutralized Intel CSME

Audited, hardened cryptography, federation

HardenedVault ensures that only truly secure cryptography is being used. Federated protocol to enhance machine's privacy.

Trusted computing

Enhanced with Trusted computing. Effectively utilizes TPM, TXT, SGX, TDX and other hardware security features

Security baseline and compliance

STIG, CIS and VaultOS rules( [*] Access Control) shipped by default

Supply chain protection

Tamper resistance, reproducible builds, risk assessment

Fuzzing as a service for QA-oriented security

State based fuzzer, symbolic execution, CFG analysis

Offensive research

Mitigation bypass and PoC for the defense improvement


Hello world

News & Vault Labs Blog

Product news and technical blog.

Risk analysis of Log4Shell (CVE-2021-44228) and mitigation

Risk analysis of Log4Shell (CVE-2021-44228) and mitigation Log4Shell is a high impact exploitable bug in Java logging framework logj4. This vulnerability is basically divided in two parts: log4j2 (which allows Java programs using this component to be misled through specially crafted loggable strings to access attacker-specified URIs) and Java core (which allows unchecked execution of Java code referenced in server responses). The two parts are analyzed separately below.

Meet Our Team


Avatar Team Member

Richard Riddick

A branch of En on Mil Frichtmen

Avatar Team Member

Shawn Chang

CxO at HardenedVault, just another random security researcher, “Do you know the way to | Vault | San Jose?”

Avatar Team Member

Ivan Kuzneczov

A machinist who comes from nowhere ended up at *Vault

Avatar Team Member


The skipper's turned in with a bag of [gold]. We're waiting for the triggering point that we get our vulnerablity and *Vault defense.


3 profiles protects different level of digital asset. To enquiry the current price via [email protected]

License/Subscription and Consulting services Per Year

VED (Vault Exploit Defense)

Linux kernel 0day exploit detection and prevention, protect the critical data structure, etc.


Highly customized coverage-guided and state-based fuzzing for Linux/Android kernel


Consulting services

Crytography implementation audit

Security assessment for crypto library, secure communication protocols, etc

Firmware security

coreboot development, "Next-Gen" firmware security based on VaultBoot, etc



On-premise Vault 111 hardened server with VaultOS; [optional] technical support

Cloud appliance + on-premise server

Cloud appliance with basic GNU/Linux services and security compliance;

Linux kernel and firmware security

VED (Vault Exploit Defense), PaX/GRsecurity, etc; Hardened boot, Remote attestation, CSME security enablement, etc

On-premise Vault 111 hardened server

Xeon E-2186G, 128 GB ECC UDIMMs, 500G SSD, 1U server chasis

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